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That night with The Killers.

Among the perks of being in a relationship, I get dragged to all the things the other half want to go/do.

For instance when he found out his favorite band is coming to Malaysia, performing at Sepang International Circuit.

"You HAVE to go with me"

Knowing how much he loves this band, I'd figure he wants to ask his friends so that he could have this 'all-boys' night us girls always hear about. I mean, what fun will it be jumping and singing to your favorite band with your girl around?!

"Why don't you ask your friends?"
"Because I want to go see my favorite band with you"

And that right there just made me melt to the ground. Sigh.

I mean, I would love to go too - my favorite scene from The Holiday was when Cameron Diaz sang her heart out to the 'Mr Brightside' while she was alone, mending her heart in the ice cold city outside London.


So there we were, that night, having the most awesomest time of our lives with the greatest band in the world.

 Kyoto Protocol as opening performance. Not so bad, they even rockified 'Rindu' by Amelina hahaha! 

 And The Killers!

 Mr Brandon Flowers.

We managed to get good view since we reached there quite early; and when I glanced at the back, I was shocked to see so many people! He said "I hope there's no hipsters here, that would be embarrassing" lol.

Among the songs in the playlist were Mr Brightside, Spaceman, Smile Like You Mean It, Human, Somebody Told Me, For Reasons Unknown, When You Were Young and Read My Mind. It was awesome because the crowd's energy was seriously crazy; even beats the Summersonic concert in Japan! (Yes Japanese are polite EVEN in a concert)

I love The Killers before because of their well-known songs, but there's something about watching them performing live - and an awesome one. I've been to concerts in Japan and it's safe to say this band kicks their asses!

Was having concert hungover when the next day at the office I kept replaying the songs in my iPod the whole day.

But then I realized, it's nice to know you have someone who shares a lot of things in common with you, even when you're a stark contrast from each other.

But this is where I draw the line. Don't ever take me to see Metallica, please.

P/S : A good review on the concert by, if you're a fan.


  1. they are a great band...but the greatest band in the world?? hahaha itu sgt hiperbola

    1. Hi Anon! I think the word is very subjective, so you can use it up to your liking :)


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