sayonara, office


"So, what are you going to do after this?'

I have no answer to this. To be honest the past 3 months have been such a weird time for me - I was so used to fast-paced working life, having Teams meeting everyday, checking my Mendeley for papers every now and then that the thought of free time seemed alien to me.

But last 3 months were..not so much. I had more time to ponder on things. The big change is coming and I always thought I had more time to think until finally the last day at the office hit me.

Wow, I'm really leaving. How could I leave? Will outside world be as forgiving, monstrous, cruel and homely as this place? 

"On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you to leave?"

"Of course 10!"

Yes, I couldn't wait to leave. I can't wait to start my new adventure that leaving this place does not make me as melancholic as I should be. I mean, 10 years!! After 10 years, I am finally leaving to start anew.

The best part of life lies in the future, they said. In my case, it's so true.

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