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Reasons why Maxis is the worst service provider : Part I I’m in the mood to rant.

The past few days had been disastrous for me. First, my iPhone 7 decided to crack its screen (well, partly, it was my fault, I’d admit) so I had to spend some money getting it fixed – only to have recurring problems of touch sensitivity at certain areas of the screen.

If you’ve never had this touch sensitivity problem, you’ve never really been annoyed in your life. You’d be only mildly annoyed. Because this problem, I swear to God, is the most annoying thing ever.

I couldn’t type properly, I couldn’t go to apps and messages as smooth as I want, I couldn’t do anything with my phone without cursing – so I looked for services to repair the screen. Guess what? It costs almost 1000 bucks including insurance and warranty and everything, but but, the warranty would only cover screen crack – and NOT touch sensitivity.

So I’d have to spend my money replacing the screen, and if I do have this problem again, I’d have to fork out another 1000 bucks to replace it. And again, and again – if the problem persists.

How about no T.T

So Shahrul was all “why don’t you get a new phone?”

So I was all “yeah OK” (been waiting for this chance)

And..finally gotten myself a new phone after a while, and finally a chance for a better line coverage.

Getting this new phone means I could cut my tie with my current provider, Maxis, for good. Without worrying about the contract and penalties and whatnot. Rather than spending 1000 bucks for short term repair of outdated iPhone 7 screen, I could use that money to pay for penalty and be rid of sucky service provider for good.

(Line coverage for Maxis at my office sucks so much, I literally have to go to outside of my office building everytime I want to make calls or access internet on my phone.)

Terminating contract with Maxis

Sounds easy, but really, the messiest thing ever.

Upon getting the new phone, I headed straight to Maxis Centre in Sunway Velocity to ask for assistance on this matter. I resisted calling their hotline because I knew I would be given a “Please go to our Maxis Centre for this request”. I JUST KNEW.

So off I went.

Me : Hello, I want to terminate my contract and migrate to a new service provider. Can you please check how much do I have to pay for remaining bills and penalty?
Maxis staff : OK I’ll check.
Gave her all my details. Paid my dues upon her confirmation and advice. She didn’t even give me any receipt so I asked for it, although she said it is sent to my email instead of hardcopy.
Me : (before leaving the centre) So, it’s confirmed now? I can switch to other service provider? No issue?
Maxis staff : Yes, Miss. You can switch now, anytime.


Teleporting to Celcom

Went to their Celcom outlet to teleport to their line using my old number. Filled in the form and was told that Maxis would send me an SMS and I would have to reply YES to confirm my teleporting to Celcom.

No such SMS received in a day.

Then, I received SMS from Celcom saying “Maxis denied your request to switch to Celcom”


So I asked Celcom, they said the rejection was because “outstanding balance” in my account.


This is where it gets ugly.

Called Maxis and gave them the worst customer talk ever (I’ve never cursed to anyone, but to them, I did) because they not only gave the wrong message and solution to a customer’s request, they also manage to complicate the whole process when it could’ve been easier. I told them I asked to pay for any remaining bills and penalty (even) at the Maxis Centre, but apparently the staff left out the current bill so I only paid the penalty. And when I asked of that’s all, she confidently said yes with an attitude how-many-times-do-you-have-to-ask somemore.

Sounds like a hell of a nightmare service provider, yes? YES.

So after pouring my heart out (via cursing), I asked for a solution – the hotline staff said I’d have to pay for current bill first and THEN they would approve the request to switch. But I’d have to pay using Maxis Pay – an app supposedly to make our lives easier, because only payments made through Maxis Pay would be accepted instantly in the account instead of online banking as it would usually take 1-2 business days to process.

So fine. I ended my charming talk with the hotline staff and opened Maxis Pay.

1 hour later, I was still on the login page.


The website says if there’s any problem I can contact their hotline, but NO WAY am I gonna waste my breathe talking (and cursing) to them again. So I resisted, and kept reloading the page, filling in my details as many times as they want (because the page kept refreshing) until at one point, it got through.

I finally got the email confirmation saying I have made the payment to my account, after numerous attempts of filling in my details (they were tedious)

So officially, I have no more ties with Maxis, right?

(to be continued)


  1. Oh my god my mom in law faced the same situation too! Stress betul T.T

    1. Oh no so sorry to hear that :( I hope your MIL manage to get the issue solved?

      Seriously so stressful! Cant imagine an elderly going through this.

  2. Haha even my husband (who's usually laid-back but skema lol) had a good laugh over this -_-

    Why slow?? Ive been using Celcom so far and it's been breezyy XD

    If you wanna switch, at least switch to Digi. Better mobile plans rather than maxis.


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