that time I dressed up for company dinner

Given my history being in the organization for almost 6 years, I have never felt the need to attend any sort of company-organized dinner. Thought they are too formal and not in my books - and specifically, my introvert side would not approve of the idea😔

But then, this year, suddenly there was an email on a Gala dinner organized by our own division. 

Suddenly, people got to talking.

"Eh, quite nice lah the theme. When else can we go?? Let's gooo"

Wailed one of the girls in my department. I buat-buat pekak, continued playing dumb.

I knew they KNEW I'm not interested to go.

And then..there were more and more talks on "jom lah when elseee" "there's no one representing our department, how rude is that" etc. You see, we have very few girls in the department - and when almost all of the girls were talking about it, I was slowly brainwashed into thinking hey, it's not that bad of an idea!

When else, right?

So off we went to the Gala dinner.

What I was wearing? The theme was Glam Rock so I thought OK rockstar vibe certainly is not in my glam it is?

Found the sequined crop top from Miss Selfridge and a black tulle skirt from H&M which I've always wanted to wear but too ashamed that I'd look out of place - but but, finally, I have a solid reason to wear!

Ooh, and the black net veil was actually Kak Zam's idea. Very Kate Middleton I love.

Us with our HOD

This is Vern. She has a very weird sense of humor, but I love her anyways. This pose was because of this picture...

The highlight of the night was definitely this picture taken by Kak Zam - where I look like a snotty bitch boss ordering around poor Vern, while she posed like the good, obedient assistant. It's funny because in real life, we are completely the opposite of this scenario XD

This is Kak Zam, my mediator in most of work-related relationships lol.

The girls who keep me sane at work.

The night consisted of laughing our heads off at the other people's attempt to look like rockstars, eating our ass off because the food was good, never-ending IG stories, countless attempts of OOTDs while other people laughing at us, scrutinizing other people's cliques and being totally obnoxious that we were doing exactly what they were doing lol.

And being nubbed as the Queen (because of my headpiece) and Kak Zam as the PA (her outfit was a blazer with matching pants and a Minnie Mouse T-shirt underneath)

I realize that I do have that resting bitch face, don't I? T.T

Office is definitely fun with them around.

I doubt that I'd go to these things again in future, but it was such a memorable night - I might do it again just to be with these people.

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