Rayyan and HFMD

Ever since Rayyan turns 2 years old, he has hardly fallen sick or had any serious fever because we followed a doctor's advice to give him vitamins. Compared to when he was 1 year old plus, he'd have running nose or occasional high temperature body so we had to send him to clinic a few times.

We met a doctor who's a friend of Shahrul's sister (who's a doctor too) and she advised us to give him a certain vitamin. So we thought, no harm trying as long as he's healthy.

So we did. He turned two, took vitamins around 2 to 3 times a day and not an ounce of Paracetamol consumed for the last few months.

So when last few days he had high temperature (more than 38 degree Celsius), we were concerned.

Gave him Paracetamol and his tempearture quickly gone back to normal. Then, the next day his teacher Whatsapp-ed me a picture of his hand.

"Puan, dekat rumah dah ada ke rashes ni?"

My heart dropped. This. Couldn't. Be.

Asked my husband to take him to the doctor as soon as he got off work.

Please don't let it be chicken pox, I prayed the whole time.

Then after seeing the doctor,

"Doctor kata HFMD"

Couldn't remember how I felt when I received the news from my husband, but pretty sure I shed a few tears T.T HFMD prolly not as bad as chicken pox (I think) but still a sickness no mother would wish on their child. Informed the teacher, who later confirmed that there's a few kids at his nursery affected with the sickness, too.

(Silently cursing the parents who brought this sickness to the school FYL)

With a 2-month old baby at home and a 2-year old toddler with HFMD, wish us luck T.T

Please get well soon, my forever baby boy.

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