Gilmore Girls on Netflix

I remember when I first found out about Gilmore Girl's revival on Netflix, scheduled in November this year. It was about sometime this year, I think.

Read the headlines, and as usual, immediately turned to the husband who was as clueless as ever - expecting him to understand my girl crush on the TV show,

"OMG GG is back! They're going to film again for this year for Netflix!"

Then he said,

"Eh, Netflix do it all the time. Justified (one of his favorite TV shows, I think he said Justified) had a revival too sometime before on Netflix. Tapi tak best pun" 

Hmph. Nevermind, I thought, I'm still going to watch it - best ke tak, takpe.

So on that 28 November weekend, I waited till the torrents were out and downloaded. Told Shahrul that I was going to be 'busy' that weekend, so he understood his role to cover for me in watching over Rayyan.

(I realized I have the most understanding husband ever. Or he's making up for the times I let him watch his football matches while I brought Rayyan upstairs to sleep. #teamwork)

Nevermind the fact that I have an annual assessment coming up the following week, too. I need to know how Lorelai and Rory are doing after 10 years!

So, the verdict - it was GOOD. Felt nice seeing the duo after a decade. I survived uni years doing the lab assignments with GG playing in the background just because I needed some white noise while studying, and these two had accompanied I felt like they're part of my childhood and teenhood. I can remember every episode by heart, even more so than I could remember FRIENDS I think.

Sure, there were some unnecessarily long scenes like the ridiculous town drama play, but in totality, it represents what GG and Stars Hollow are for. And I'm no longer the girl who idolized Rory Gilmore for graduating from Yale, thinking she has it all (watch it to know why).

No, am not going to spoil it for you so go download now and watch! It's a 4-episode event with each episode airing about 1 and a half hour, and the ending is going to make your heart pop. Seriously.

Netflix, have another revival of GG, please? I need to know what happens to Rory after this. T.T


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    1. Hahah forever and ever XD And I miss you too!! When am I getting your UK phone number? A hate message coming your way (or your Facebook inbox way) soon.



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