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Visiting the KLCC Skybridge

A good friend of Shahrul came to Malaysia last week for a short break. He's Japanese and they've been in the same class since the first year in uni (Shahrul graduated from Kyushu University, one of the most difficult Japanese universities to get into!) so I felt the pressure to bring him around KL.

Then Shahrul said he wants to take his friend to KLCC Skybridge.

"Because I've never been up there"

I thought, OK fine. Even told him that I'm not going to join XD Seen too much of the twin towers that I wasn't even remotely interested pun. But then, I was informed by a colleague that staff are given unlimited passes at 20% off!

Found our way to the Skybridge that Thursday morning.

View from KLCC Skybridge, level 42


Getting the ticket wasn't a hassle. There's a website where you can check the availability of tickets at which slots you prefer. For price, they have different prices for MyKad and non-MyKad holder; RM30 compared to RM85 - buttt for online ticket purchase, the price for MyKad is not available.

So Shahrul asked if I could email someone for the tickets since paying RM85 for the ticket would be a waste. A day before the trip, I emailed them and secured the tickets; for us at MyKad price and our Japanese friend at non-MyKad price, 20% off!

Probably the only reason I agreed to tag along haha.

Experience at the top

It was such a breathtaking view. I couldn't remember if I've been there previously on school trips but it felt like my first time, being that high.

We were given about 10 minutes at level 42. Then, they whisked us away to the elevator for our next stop - level 86.

And it was..magnificient.

Now this, is the height I've never experienced before. Imagine being on the same level with the tallest part of the towers!

We were led to a space where they told the history of the twin towers; when and how they were built. Tun M was the mastermind who was responsible in bringing Malaysia and PETRONAS to the world's eyes during those years.

There were some questions asked, such as,

"Is it true that Tun M's office is in the highest floor of the tower?"

The answer :

"No, the highest level actually consists of maintenance floors, so the rumor isn't true"

Haha lol.

Satisfied with the trip. Will we come back again? Yes, but only if they added more activities to the trip such as visits to other parts of the tower, etc. Would've been fun to see how it is inside, no? 

So Shun-kun, hope you enjoyed your visit to the Skybridge! またクアラルンプールに来て下さい :)

All pictures courtesy of Shun-kun's camera


  1. babe , I pun tak pernah naik sampai atas tu. But im sure kalau bawak si kecik lagi dia excited kan ;D so which one best; klcc or kl tower?

    1. KL tower dah lama tak pergi, so I have no idea T.T Tapi KLCC not bad! Boleh naik sampai atas sekali and ada exhibition :)


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