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Raya 2016

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin :)

Basically the most used phrase last week haha. Yes, I basically say that to everyone including my family - they know I don't say things out of ordinary (not much a talker) but I meant it by heart.

So how was Raya? Mine was spent at Penang on the first day, and Dungun (my in-laws) on the second Raya onwards. And our conclusion? Never, ever spend Raya at two kampungs at once - the traffic was horrible, the journey was longgg, with a restless 1 year-old on top T.T

Just the icing on cake, I now have 3 major zits on my face just waiting to explode FML T.T Darn the lemangs and ketupats sobs.

But it was nice seeing my son bond with his cousins, though. Rayyan is at that stage where he can interact with others now (not just with his clingy parents lol) and he can express his feelings verbally - though his choice of words is limited, he communicates quite well! His cousins (all 12 of them, on Shahrul's side) basically hijacked him away from me all the time, and he's getting better at dealing with separation anxiety now.

This Raya is so different. I can't believe I have a toddler now. Last Raya I had to carry Rayyan all the time (breastfeeding), locking myself in a room every few hours but this Raya, he was running around the house all the time!

Told Shahrul the other day,

"I miss having a baby"

His response?


Sigh. To think I squirmed at the thought of being pregnant again last Raya T.T Never say never haha!

Anyway, the things I've learned this Raya;

1) Start your journey home early. Like super early. We took off from Dungun back to KL at 8 am and reached home at 2 pm - while my BIL who took off just a few hours later reached KL at 6 pm due to massive traffic jam at Gombak toll. We wanted to take off at 7 am, but have you tried taking a 1 year-old to shower early in the morning? Not possible.

2) Prepare baby biscuits in the car. Always. We refrain from giving gadgets to Rayyan so food is our huge saviour - when he got bored, I'd sing Didi and Friends' songs to him haha. When all else fails, it's boobs time lol.

3) Eat super fast so that your husband can eat while you look after your kid. Or better yet, give him to his young cousins - most of them would gladly babysit!

4) Bring extra duit raya everywhere - you never know whose second cousin's kids you're bound to bump into.

5) Hassle-free scarf styling - Rayyan was pulling my satin silk dUCk everywhere, I had to use more pins than usual T.T

Hope you have a wonderful Raya!


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