Keeping LDR Alive

My latest article on ZALORA Community is out - and it's not about fashion.

Jeng jeng jeng.

It's about long distance relationship XD

Writing about fashion is something I'd always appreciate (because I don't come from fashion design background, so everything I write is just purely my own thoughts and observation) but this time, the relationship theme could not have come at a better timing.

Because husband is currently in a land far, far away from here. HE'S IN JAPAN!

He's on a business trip for a week (sobs) and as much as I'd like to think I've grown accustomed to LDR..apparently when you have a kid, things are different. I miss his presence more than before when we were young and didn't have any commitment; because whenever Rayyan does something funny, I'd think of him. Or whenever Rayyan cries, I'd think of him and what he'd have done to soothe Rayyan. Or when Rayyan looks around the house at night, probably looking for that familiar face who used to throw balls at him and make him laugh - I'd think of him and go running to pick Rayyan up and hug him tight, because I know how he feels.

It isn't easy once you've become parents, I realize. I dread the day Rayyan is old enough to ask me where his Daddy is when he'd have to go on business trips T.T

So one night (before the trip) I just came up with this article, while reminiscing all those things we used to do back in Japan. When we were separated by just an island and a 4-hour bus ride, not a whole sea or continent.

Tips : How to Keep Your LDR Alive

Being a few thousand (or for the really unfortunate ones, million) miles away from your other half could be daunting – not to mention the tears you endure everytime you had to send them off at the airport. Statistic shows that more than two-third of LDRs – short for long distance relationship – don’t exactly have a happy ending.

Found yourself in this dreadful situation? ‘Fret not, there are quite a number of ways on keeping your relationship alive with your Prince Charming, if you’re not ready to give him up just yet :

1) Surprise delivery

Why wait for him to send you flowers, when you have the chance to step up the game? Men don’t necessarily have the need for flowers like us girls do, but once in a while, the thrill of getting something unexpectedly beats anything. Yes, even flowers!

2) Handmade cards

Something that comes from your heart shines through everything you do, and the perfect example for this is handmade things. Words can deliver your feelings perfectly even if you’re the type of person who doesn’t talk much; or if you really really have nothing to say, just write down your favorite song lyrics to convey the message. It’s the most romantic thing a partner could do!

3) Skype date, or any online date

Invest in a few minutes to sign up on Skype or Yahoo Messenger (or whatever the youngsters call them these days..) for both you and your partner, if you’ve been out of the social media world. LDR members will heavily depend on technology to connect and interact with each other, and it’s not like you have other choice, especially when you’re continents apart. Go online at specific time with your partner, and set up special “online dates” – and this means really dressing up, facing your partner on videocam, talking with each other – just like on actual dates. It’ll soon become a tradition you both enjoy and cherish for years after.

4) Care package

So you know he’s been feeling down due to exam stress or work, or he’s been can always ensure he feels your presence by sending him a “care package”. Include his favorite food, instant drinks or anything you think will lift his spirits. Ensure to fill the box up with stuff so that you don’t waste a cent you’d spend on the shipping – international shipping costs a lot!

5) Last but not least, always be there

The trickiest part of LDR is partners not physically being there with each other. Hence, the importance of technology – in this case, any messenger app would do – to be connected whenever and wherever. If you’re studying and need his company, ask him to switch on his video camera and just be online without the need to say anything to each other. Or when you’re going on a shopping trip, have him on mobile (ever heard of Facetime, anyone?) so that you can share your journey with him. It would feel like there’s no distance in between, and definitely cure the loneliness.

The key to all of the above is, communication. Never leave any misunderstanding ‘unattended’ and shut yourself away from your partner – the distance would make the matter even worse. Take charge of your relationship and focus on the good things.

Regardless of time, distance or space; nothing really matters if you have that will.

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