Sleep-training Rayyan : Day 1

Last night, my husband (who had just returned from a business trip) said to me,

"Babe, I think we need to sleep-train Rayyan. I read this book that said French parents do this and their babies sleep through the night. Nak?"

Heck..he actually read French Kids Don't Throw Food during his business trip, I didn't know.

Thinking it'd be good for Rayyan, I obliged. Though the thought of Rayyan crying it out while we just sit still refusing to hold him breaks my heart, I decided to trust Shahrul and go along with it.

Then, night came.

We prepped Rayyan for bed - changed his diapers, changed him into his pajamas, fed him his milk. It was past 11 pm; past his bed time.

Shahrul patted him to sleep, before falling asleep ourselves. OK, this isn't so bad.

At around 4 am, I woke up. Rayyan has started crying. We've predicted this; his schedule for feed at midnight is around 2 am and 4 am. Alarmed, I woke Shahrul up.

"Let him cry it out, that's what the book said"

Fine. I couldn't sleep, and I needed to pee so badly. But hearing Rayyan cried his eyes out was tearing me apart.

We clocked it, he's been crying for 4 minutes straight. At one point, even calling 'Maaa..Maaa' which obviously made my heart shattered even more, as if to ask what he did to me that I couldn't be bothered to pick him up. I was miserable - Shahrul, on the other hand, was calmer than I thought he would.


It's been almost 10 minutes, and he hasn't stopped crying. This is harder than I thought.

"Babe, I need to pee"

"Jangan, don't let him see us. Let him be"

It's been 12 minutes.

"Babeee I can'tttt"

So..I gave in. Went and picked him up, saying sorry to him over and over. He settled down as soon as he's in my arms - almost falling asleep instantly!

So Day 1 of Sleep-training Rayyan mission = failed.

Had to endure sarcastic remarks from Shahrul for the whole day though T.T What does these French people know hmph.

Tonight will be our second night sleep-training Rayyan. Shahrul said I could sleep in the next room if I need to.

Wish me luck, Mommies.

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