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Baju Raya from Yadotsa

Once upon a time, I found Yadotsa pieces really magnificent. I still do. I anticipated their every Raya collection like a girl obsessing over designer bags, because let's face it - they're not exactly cheap.

Then came my engagement. I wanted this really gorgeous Yadotsa lace beaded kurung for the big day.

Emailed them regarding the availability and the price. However luck wasn't on my side - it was too near to the engagement day, and I had to make decision fast.

So I had to let it go.

Obviously I wasn't over the baju, because years later, I'm still looking at the pictures of this particular collection - they're too pretty I can't even!

Then recently, I checked out Yadotsa's instagram feed, and guess what? They were having sample sale, for almost 60% off, I think. Immediately, I thought about the baju I used to admire so much.

Whatsapp-ed them this picture, asked about the price and availability and guess what, they have the baju. In "small size", they said, at 50% off.

Felt like my dream came true!

So that weekend, I dragged the husband and even Rayyan to their showroom. I was still contemplating on getting a baju raya, despite having a few pieces already, but it's Yadotsa at 50% off so..

Reached there, but the SA told me the baju I wanted was sold T.T Almost stormed out of the store when this one caught my eyes.

"It's a sample size, which was worn by the model for our photoshoot back then so it's small-sized. Do you want to try?"

Heck yes.

Tried it on fits! Well, except for the skirt length - isn't a problem cause I just trim the hem. But everything else is perfection.

It's on sale, too.

So that's how I got my baju raya from Yadotsa, at 50% off.

So happy!

Hello, gorgeous.


  1. Atil, check out that person's blog. she changed her blog theme, it looks like yours. lololol.


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