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FashionValet Raya 2015 Show

I'm not that into fashion. In fact, nothing I do in my career even remotely considers as fashion. Fashion, to me is a way to represent yourself - kind of like your own identity via what you wear, which applies to everyone; whether you like it to be simple, unique or average. Your own style.

I like simplicity. Nothing extravagant ever applies to me, especially those on fashion websites or runways; a Zara top usually would do it for me. A plain one, or maybe with some pop of color here and there - but I found myself recycling the plain ones way too many times that they became a staple in my wardrobe. So I guess I'm more into simple tops and jeans I think? But I found myself occasionally checking out online websites whenever I feel like revamping up my wardrobe or just to feast my eyes; and one of them is FashionValet. (did a review here)

A few months ago, out of a sudden an invitation for their Raya 2015 fashion show came in my inbox - being curious, I decided to go. 

Dragged Jua along, too. 

We were seated right behind the founders, Vivy and Fadza and the rest of the crew. Awesome!

Hence the Daniel stalking begins.

Like this picture.

Some of the outfits on the runway actually caught my attention. Like this one from Mira Filzah x FV, I think? Worn by the gorgeous Zahnita.

And this one, from Diana Rikasari x FashionValet. (I just realized a lot of the pieces I liked were ones worn by Zahnita, btw.)

Such pastels! A lot of soft pink, baby blue, turquoise, and soft grey being paraded on the catwalk. But there were hot pinks too - choices, choices.

Us, me wearing Satin Silk dUCk scarves in Frappucino.

Some more from my phone to feast your eyes.

Thank you Vivy and FashionValet for the invitation. Am a Raya fashion show virgin no more HAHA.

FV was so generous to give us the awesome goodie bag - a voucher to shop on FV (yay!), a hair spray (the orange tub) and a facial toner by Good Virtues Co. Shall do a review soon because I'm loving it.

Quite awesome to see how the intricate beautiful traditional pieces being infused with modern style right here in the industry. Though I still like our simple, gorgeous traditional baju kurung, seeing these modern cuts of kurung brought to life is refreshing. Peplums are still appealing to me, so it's nice to see a lot of them in the collection.

I need to start saving for beautiful Raya outfits!


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