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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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the TB bracelets

(I'm actually posting this for the sake of my sanity before this blog turns into an obsessive mommy blog filled with Rayyan's pictures.)

Once upon a time, I had my bracelets phase. It was back in nihon when I had access to Rakuten i.e. everything on earth, so obtaining them wasn't that hard and even came in a lower price tag compared to retail prices. I had those days when I decided to buy the House of Harlow famous Aztec bangle one day, received it the next day and fell completely in love with it that I decided to get another 2 of them in different color.

That was back in 2009, I think (wore them to Universal Studios Japan with the girls). Still surviving to this day, and I still find myself wearing them occasionally. They look worn out though (quite obvious in the picture kan?); the gold color has somewhat faded, and scratches everywhere sob.

Back in Malaysia, I stopped getting anything else from House of Harlow because lack of passion to browse the website and being in the land where it's harder to find them (compared to back in nihon), and found some other local brands.

The only awesome wrap bracelet I got from Thirty Four. 

Then a couple of months ago, before my due date the husband took me jalan-jalan around malls to keep my mind off the scary event. He took me to Pavilion.

Walked around the ground floor, saw Tory Burch. Ooh it's newly opened here! Walked inside.

It was full of bags, but greeting me at the front was..these.

Never thought Tory Burch made such pretty bracelets T.T

And the thought that I don't have to suffer online browsing and shipping time was comforting. The sales guy approached me and said all the accessories are on 40% off in conjunction with their newly opened store celebration. 


But thing is, whenever it comes to an impulse purchase i.e. something I've never Googled about before, saw on Purseforum or such; I can't shake the guilt. "Why didn't I Google it first?" would always come to my mind, to justify the purchase or worst case, if one day I feel the purchase is unnecessary.

So left the store empty-handed.

Now.. I've Googled. And I love them.

Shall I or shall I not? T.T


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