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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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last pregnant ootd

Was transporting pictures from camera to my laptop when I found this gem.

My last OOTD while pregnant haha. This was when I was entering 9 months, hence the puffy face.

To think about it, I spent most of the days wearing long skirts and non-maternity, airy blouse - as pictured above. I didn't believe in spending money on maternity clothes too much, and found serenity in wearing S-sized with bigger cutting or M-sized blouses instead.

Tudung? As always, need to keep it simple by plain pashmina sans brooches. I think that one is hard to change, kot? However vast and modern tudung-style is nowadays, I always seem to come back to this particular style.

(Definitely not a hijabista, then. Lol.)

And a bracelet. Bracelets keep me happy.

I wish I could say I miss being pregnant, but for now, I think I like my flat(ter) tummy better.


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