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Thought I'd show you just how big I've gotten.

Just came back from our last beach holiday before the baby comes, in a matter of a few weeks :O

Went to Pavilion a few weekends ago to do some last minute baby shopping, and we were in a maternity store because I needed some nursing bra. Had the shock of my life looking at some; I never knew they run in such big sizes - having to try them on and watch that certain body part of mine in such ugly-looking garment made me feel, urm, not so good.

(No offense to the nursing bra enthusiasts out there - this is coming from me, a nursing bra and all maternity-related newbie.)

Then..while I was in the fitting room, having a hard time adjusting to this new phase of life, one of the salesgirls opened the curtain, accidentally. I saw her face, looking at my bare chest (and some bare parts of my back too FML) and went,

"Oops, sorry kak"

And continued giggling.

Needless to say, I went out of the store empty-handed.

And it wasn't my first time, it was the second time a salesgirl went in on me trying on garments, naked - while pregnant and having a huge belly. After that second time, I was so annoyed that I refused to go into any other store for the rest of the day - except Parkson because they have a nice big fitting room with locks.

I love everything with locks now.

"Why everyone needs to accidentally went in on me while I'm 9 months pregnant, when no one would do that when I was skinny and had a better looking bod? It's annoying!"

I remember that was what I said to my poor husband after the incident haha. He knew better to just smile and nod and said I looked great pregnant.

So I guess the mood swing starts now.


  1. Zatil you look great! Even better dari dulu. Mmg muka orang yg dah kawen ni, and pregnant some more, glowing dia lain mcm. Haha no need la collagen bagai.


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