New Haircut by Centro

"Why don't you ever cut your hair?"
Basically what I've been hearing from Shahrul ever since we got married T.T

So being the #obedientwife, of course I had to give in. Had to agree though; my hair was getting too long and being pregnant, it was too much hassle and high maintenance - for the first time, I longed for shorter do.

So paid Centro a visit, where I got my Kerastase shampoo last time.

Had my husband with me, and it was my first time having my hair cut with him by my side - eyes, of course, glued to the GQ magazine the salon provided. My hair stylist, Wayne greeted us and asked for the type of haircut I was eyeing.
"A bob, please, but not too short"
He smiled.
"Okay, but a short bob suits you. We'll try first and see okay?"
Fine, I gave in.

Throughout the whole ordeal, I tried to keep my eyes open, trying to register and imagine this new shorter do I'm about to have. The last time I cut my hair this short was back in Form 2, when it was all the hype and I regretted it since.

After a while, my hairstylist (who didn't talk much and pleasing to the eye - he looks like a Korean star) who's about to cut the long chunk of hair, asked,
"Are you sure about this?"
I nodded. Then he chopped the whole thing off.

About an hour later, I was done. It was surprisingly liberating - definitely the shortest I've had in years, and the husband smiled of approval, yay.

Then he asked,
"Now, can you dye your hair back to black?"
T.T I had a feeling that's the reason - he wanted me to trim the dyed hair off pfft.

Asked Wayne if I could have side bangs (Nicole Richie-influenced of course) but he disapproved, saying a longer one would compliment my face shape the most. He reminded me of the hairstylist at a saloon I used to go back in Japan - straightforward, honest and a quiet but professional one. Made me miss Japan so much!

Brought home a new Kerastase from their Cristal Liste line too. It smells the same as Bain Miroir which is a plus, cause I've loved its smell for years.

That night, before going to sleep the husband suddenly reclaimed,
"Oh now I remember! You look like Arya Stark!"
This is Arya Stark.


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