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switching shampoos

Went out today and braced myself to go through the haze blanket in KL to get my shampoo in KLCC.

Ran out of the Bain Miroir a few days before and my substitute shampoo just won't cut it. My hair felt extremely limpy and not healthy that I wonder if I depend on the shampoo too much; or maybe because my current substitute is for anti-dandruff without doing anything to the hair.

Couldn't leave my hair like that what more in KL weather nowadays, so decided to look for the shampoo. Apparently the one place I'm rather familiar with (KLCC) got one salon that carries the Kerastase line!

I've been using Bain Miroir for so long now that I couldn't imagine switching to anything else - but somehow realizing my hair is no longer colored, it might not be suitable anymore. Though it's been serving my hair so well all these time..

Googled and found out that Centro Salon in KLCC carries the Kerastase line, so I went to pay the salon a visit. The assistant there was nice and very attentive, he even offered consultation for what kind of shampoo that'd suit my hair when I told him I wanted to switch.

He suggested this Bain Substantif line by Kerastase which helps treating mature/fine hair and even have collagen as a bonus compared to Bain Miroir. Reviews on this one is great so I decided to try.

To be honest, I'm not sure whether I'd really like this one considering I've tried the other line - Bain de Force, the one in green bottle - but didn't quite like it. It kind of made my hair more oily than usual and oily hair means even limpy-er hair!

So far, it turns out great. Since the shampoo can last me quite a few long months, am crossing fingers it'd do my hair good.


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