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Bali : the Cafe by the Beach

On our last day, our flight was late in the evening so we had ample time to spend after checking out from the villa. Decided to pay the cafe at Batu Belig beach a visit (where we had our 5-km walk and a terrifying experience, here) for the last time, since we were so fond of the place.

Vintage cafe with beanbags, pillows, wooden seat and umbrellas for a cozy evening? Why not.

Discovered that there were still a lot of tourists coming down to the place too, so it must be a quite famous hanging out spot at the beach. One of their main attractions, I'd say, is the stark difference between them and othe high-end supposedly superior interior design - there were a lot of glossy cafes with expensive chairs compared to their humble setup, but that's what attracts the tourists the most!

You can sleep here the whole day too, no one bothers.

Ordered green coconut water served in the coconut fruit, while laying down on the wooden couch and beanbags. Best date ever.

We spent about an hour there with the drinks and our books. The waiter was friendly; but he rarely ever disturbed the customers with conversations so we were left alone to our liking. 
"This must be my favorite place in the world," I told him.
 If we were to visit Bali again, I'd come to this cafe again just for the sake of it. But next time, I'd make sure we stay until the sunset.


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