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Bali : Batu Belig beach

The next day after reaching Bali, we were quite confident that we could go sight-seeing by ourselves - without any help from pak supir.

The husband, as sweet as he is - rented a vespa for us to go to Batu Belig beach from our hotel, but he actually doesn't have a motorcycle license so we had to be a bit cautious whenever we see any police around. But riding on a vespa with my husband on our honeymoon trip? The best feeling ever. Especially when it's been ages since I last rode a bike!

Reached Batu Belig beach (we found the place just by following the signboards and asking the locals, really went on full-mode tourist here) and was amazed.

The sea seems so much different from Malaysia's. The current is stronger, the water is blue-r and the sand is softer. There's a cafe by the beach, which serves fresh juices and various food so a lot of tourists seem to make it one of their lepak place.

These flowers spots are a common in Bali - it's how they perform their prayers to God.
The husband suggested we go here because of Lonely Planet's book - apparently it's a recommended trip to experience Bali. Basically we could walk all the way from Batu Belig to Echo beach for 4 km and pass by several noted beaches and water crossing, such as Nelayan beach (where the kampung nelayan is, so we could see a lot of boats) and Canggu beach (where there's a temple the Balinese would pray at).

It is said that the biggest challenge during this 4-km walk is this 1-m depth water crossing, where the current is strong and you have to cross it to go to the other side. 

Sounds easy, so we confidently walked through the crossing - but once the wave came, it was so strong that we were almost being swept away to the sea. I was practically screaming; afraid that I'd let go of his hand or vice versa and both of us would lose our balance due to the strong wave, and the fact that swimming is not allowed in that area just made it worse in my head.

If there was a moment of near death experience, this would be it. To me.

We managed to hold each other tight enough to overcome the strong wave and made it to the other side, but we lost both our slippers. Imagine two adults losing their slippers to the ombak! Super not cool WTF. Had to continue another 3-km slipperless T.T

The water crossing aka Devil's place. 

Reached a temple by the beach where they perform their prayers.

Managed to drop by some store to get new slippers and came back to Batu Belig beach. The cafe owner recognized us and said,

"Woah you guys survived the walk!"

Apparently it's not very common for foreigners to do that, since most of the beach area are swimming-prohibited WTF.

The cafe has this vintage yet modern feel, as you can see from the wooden tables and chairs and the big beanbag chairs for the tourists to lie on.

Spent the evening there, went back to the hotel for food (and good sleep after a tiring day). At night we decided to go look around the bazaar nearby for good deals.

I can't remember the name of this store, but their sunglasses are so hip I swear. Reminded me of Karen Walker's. The husband won't let me have them because they aren't cheap T.T

The thing about Seminyak is, the high-end stores actually aren't so cheap. Some of these sunglasses are nice but they cost around RM200+, and I'd rather spend that much on a known quality brand item rather than a random brand goods, however nice they are.

To go to Batu Belig beach, you can take a cab or rent a bike to go there yourself - just follow the signboard and look out for friendly locals who'd help you find your way. Renting a vespa would cost as cheap as 70,000 rupiah to 150,000 rupiah per day. Would prefer the vespa for an authentic Bali experience!


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