the Zara tube skirt I found

After my frequent rants on not being able to fit into any most of my existing clothes, I decided to pay Zara a visit one day, after work. Looking at my wardrobe every morning figuring out what to wear is getting exhausting - I couldn't find anything comfortable that fits.

Browsed through halfheartedly (because somehow I know I won't fit in any of them either, in my size), then I saw this.

I rarely ever wear skirts (as you can see from this blog I think?) but since jeans and pants aren't meant for my belly now, I find skirts interesting. Those without the fitted waistband, of course. I have long realized that I have to steer away from skirts with button or zip closure, ever since I couldn't fit into my favorite pants a while back.

So when I was done belek-ing this skirt, I decided to go and try it on. With this belly I couldn't take a chance T.T It has a stretchable waistband and made from stretchable jersey-like material, only finer. I've never worn stripes before, especially horizontal stripes as they make my already defeated height appears shorter - they'd also make it look like I'm 2 sizes bigger.

And haven't you read That Extra Half An Inch by VB sheesh.

But still, I tried on my size, and fit. And the length, too - usually had to tailor them a couple inches short for my short legs, but not this one. Quite surprised at the price tag though, it comes for only RM79.90!

So I got it, and have been wearing so much that the husband even notices -____-" Went back to the store to get the skirt in other colors (can you see how much I love it?) but as usual, Zara only stocks their items short term which means the skirt would only lasts less than 4 weeks in the store before the new designs came out.

Couldn't find it at any other Zara outlets, too. Safe to say that my hunt for tube skirts continues.

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