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Took me a while to post this.

Was in a work-related training for 3 whole days in KL which I love cause I get to carpool with the husband every day, had dinner out (ha!) and spent some alone time in the car with him which we don't get to do so often these days.

But reaching home at 9 pm every day wasn't so thrilling.

Felt like my body weighs 10 pounds heavier and dragging it around and out and home late at night (9 is late for a pregnant woman) was so tiring.

And highlight of the week, I no longer fit any of my pants.

Bye bye pretty pants. Sob.

Jeans have become a no, so I had to look for stretchable skirts and pants in my wardrobe. Been wearing a skirt from a peplum set I've gotten last 2 years which can still fit (thank goodness for stretchable waist!) but everything else is too fitting and not very comfortable for my bump.

Everyone says I shouldn't buy any from maternity line as they would be a waste after the birth, so I basically have 2 options :
  1. buy normal pants and tops some sizes bigger, or
  2. buy from maternity line
This calls for a need to revamp the wardrobe. I have nothing to wear!

Husband is away to Hong Kong for a work trip, so I'm determined to spend this week getting everything wardrobe-related sorted before he gets back. At least he gets to be back to an improved, un-sloppy version of his pregnant wife. Haha. 


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