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Bukit Tinggi date

A week before my business trip to Germany, the husband and I were so swamped with work.

Still, I managed to get home earlier than him, giving me some time to clean up after myself and the house a bit before he gets home to a lovely (ahem) wife with squeaky clean floor and packed food on the table (didn't have time to cook I swear).

But that week..I failed. Had to stay at the office to settle things for the trip and he had to go home to an empty house and empty fridge for a few days, which I felt so guilty about.

So that weekend (2 days before the trip), I insisted that we went somewhere, just the two of us. I knew I'd feel guilty for leaving him behind albeit just for a short time, so I wanted us to do something special, which we didn't get to do so often.

"Where can we go? Can't be that far from KL, you'd be tired"
"Bukit Tinggi nak? We've never been there, and it's only 30 to an hour drive from here"

So that weekend, we found ourselves at the hill just outside the city where the air is cooler and the trees are greener.

We both have never been here before, so we took our time to explore the place - realized that it's not that huge actually! I've heard of Colmar because during high school, we had French classes as one of the taught foreign language there and the teacher would always take the students on a trip to Colmar to experience the supposedly French environment.

Quite disappointed that that was all, though. I thought it would be something like Huis ten Bosch; a place in Japan designed to recreate Holland by the infamous Dutch windmills, tulips garden, Dutch palace and everything Dutch-related with a lot of attractions.

Should've Googled the place first! But it was time well-spent nevertheless.

There was also a French dance show, which is basically a few girls/women dancing on stage in French traditional clothing to a traditional French song. One of the attires was just a bra with glittery skirt; I'm pretty sure if this was an open concert, they would've been suspended by the authorities long ago!

There are a lot of French-style cafes and restaurants, which is thrilling. Reminded me of Paris somewhat, except that the breads and coffee weren't as good.

 On a clock tower which oversees the whole place. It's just 3 to 4 floors high, that's how small the place is!

The weather was nice, so we proceeded to the Japanese garden at the other side of the place. Basically to make our 12 bucks worth.

Had to drive to the Japanese garden and parked our car at the parking area. We found out reaching the garden needs a bit walking up the hill, so I had to change to sneakers.

Wore the Onitsuka Tiger sneakers he got me from Japan.

"How come I feel like I've never seen you wearing this?" 
Japanese tea house. We both didn't know there's such a thing.

 It was getting hot, we were lucky we reached the place early!
This picture reminded me of Shukkeien Garden, somehow.

And then we went to the souvenir store to get ice creams.

It was a great trip, I didn't know they even have the Japanese tea house and an animal farm (which we skipped) - but I feel like there's a lot more they can develop to turn the famous hill to a must-go place. We didn't go to any attractions, having been to Huis ten Bosch twice makes me think I'd somehow regret it if we pay and visit the attractions.

Nevertheless, the hotels and spa are nice. Most people from KL go there just to have a nice hotel stay overnight and being pampered in the spa, I think?


  1. ok soalan tak ada kena mengena dgn tajuk post.

    1) apa color contact lens zatil?
    2) rasanya tak pernah tgk pic zatil senyum nampak gigi. tak nak cuba?
    3) brown favorite color ke?

    oh lupa. zatil makin comel!

    1. Anon,

      1) banyak guna grey-based lenses, tapi selalu stick to brand freshkon :) the best brand!
      2) HAHAH ok insyaAllah! XD
      3) ye kot hahaha is it that obvious?

      thank you Anon, your comments always made my day!


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