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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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sunday at Japanese garden, bliss.

So I was looking for places in Hiroshima I haven't been to yet, since he came here last weekend and I wanted to bring him somewhere nice besides restaurants and Miyajima and shopping malls.

I've been to Miyajima SIX times, Diamond City TEN times, Genbaku Dome FOUR times and practically every shopping mall in Hiroshima City at least twice. There's no way I'm going to any of those places for a romantic weekend.

While I was browsing the net, I found this.

The website looks so tempting so we went there :) It wasn't so hard to reach though, the quickest way is to take a tram (Line 1, 2 or 6) from Hiroshima Station till Hacchobori and switch to Line 9 to Shukkeien-Mae. The entire journey only costs 150 yen.

Me and my failed jump attempt.
Yes you all can vomit now..hehehe
I swear we saw crabs crawling everywhere.
Super poyo pose. Please don't judge. We're not usually like this.
A small charming Japanese garden in a packed city.
I'm so glad we went there, it was so peaceful and calm. What a great way to spend a Sunday; strolling around garden in a 4-inch heels. Haha. I couldn't feel my feet when we reached home.

And we had lunch at Teratai Restaurant, an Indonesian restaurant in the city. The service was getting better than the last time we went there, thank God. And the food too!

All in all, the perfect weekend.


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