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the nikah dress #3

Last post on this one.

I've asked the photographer to take a full back picture of the dress, but he must've forgotten about it T.T Mental note, if you have a specific pose you wanted to do on your wedding, make sure you tell your photographer all about it!

So here it is.
We were at Man Kajang's showroom trying on the outfits for nikah when he took this picture.

"See, the tail makes you look taller"

Pfftt. But I agree!

Working with Abg Man was anything but difficult. He did our outfits in just a few weeks after getting the fabrics, and the husband (then fiancé) was really happy with his baju melayu - and that's a good testament since he's very picky when it comes to these things. Lol.

Some things I've learned from the preparation :

  1. Set up appointments with your designer way earlier, because this will help you choose and try and error many aspects of your outfits. The designer will come up with a handful of ideas which isn't likely to happen if you're running out of time.
  2. If possible, bring your designer together for fabric-hunting - or at least ask him to bring you along. This will avoid unpleasant surprises in the future (especially when you're particular about the materials for your dress)
  3. When making deposits, ask for a list of what you're entitled for in black and white (if he hasn't given you any; most designers will prepare a sheet). This will help you track what you've paid for in case there's any misunderstanding.
  4. Ask the designer what to wear/bring during your first fitting! Gurdle, push-up bra, camisole etc.
  5. Pay attention to your veil too, and ask the designer's opinion on whether you should wear heavily beaded veil with no crown, or a simple veil with a crown, or anything else he'd suggest. 
  6. When it comes to scarf to wear for nikah, make sure the designer provided one with a material close to your dress (preferably). My personal lesson learnt!

If you need his contact number, leave me a message I'd be happy to recommend him. Mention my name, you might get a special price too :)


  1. wedding dress yg ala2 pink tu man kajang buat juga ke?
    suka sgt dress tu. idk because of zatil nampak mcm princess ke time tu (comel gila! mekap pon cantik time tu) or mmg dress tu sgt cantik.

    1. Tak, designer lain yang buat :) will blog about it insyaAllah.

      Hehe thank youu Anon!

  2. hi, bole tahu price range baju ni ? :)

    1. Hi Anon, Man Kajang's price range starts from RM1800+ untuk baju nikah :)


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