the little things

Nowadays, most people would ask me if I had any cravings yet.

When I said none so far, most of the women would roll their eyes and went,

"Mehh just wait and see after a few more weeks.."

But really, I think I have one craving so far.


Oh hello, Hello Kitty x Tokidoki figurines!

And it didn't help that it was advertised at every Shell station we go, proudly showcasing the cute little figurines at the counter and the cashier guy would ask me every time if I wanted one.

I'm not much of a collector, but when it comes to Tokidoki, I have this sweet spot for them. It brings back memories from Japan when I got my first Tokidoki bag and its complimentary figurine keychain, which I gave to the husband, then boyfriend. He treasured it so much, he still keep it until now.

And Hello Kitty..I used to be so obsessed over them. Years ago.

So last few weeks, I gave in and bought 3 of them.

 Scooter Ride Kitty, Cupid Kitty and Unicorn Kitty

The one I wanted the most was Cactus Kitty, but the cashier guy said we can't choose which to buy (they came in a black box which you can't peek into), so you basically have to redha with what you get. You're allowed to exchange for a different one if you got the same one, however.

So I proudly put these 3 on the husband's car's dashboard for a while now, completely ignoring the husband's remarks about them being "childish" and not appropriate for his supposed sports car. He called them my cravings, and has been telling people that -_____-"

Then, I fell sick last Monday and was on MC for two days. And this morning when I got into the car to go to work, I found that there are two new additions to the clan.

One of them was the Cactus Kitty I wanted!

The husband, albeit making fun of me for wanting these "silly things", secretly bought them for me the day before and neatly organized them on the dashboard with the other 3.

So there are 5 of them now, which I think would someday be in our baby's possession. Haha.

I never understood people's obsession with figurines, but I get it now. I even had a dream one night that the husband actually rented a Shell station all to myself just so I could get as many Tokidoki figurines I want, and he held a barbecue party at the station for the attendants hahaha WTF.

Was so touched. I have the sweetest husband ever!

(Though it might have something to do with me being hormonal the night before - he made a comment about toasts I made for him, and that night I cried to God about how my husband doesn't like my toasts and how I'm such a terrible wife, etc. Darn pregnancy hormones)

Nevertheless, I might be hormonal now but I'll surely remember his sweet gestures this time. Thank you for making this wife so happy!

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