the day he cooks for me

Now that we've been married for almost 3 months, guess what's everyone's question everywhere we go?

"So how's married life? Happy?"

Like seriously, you'd think you'll not be able to be happy if you're not married! Pfftt.

But our standard answer is,


..all the while looking at each other, giving secret 'what do you want me to say' looks.

I mean, even before we got married, we've been together for 8 years. EIGHT YEARS. In all honesty, I never knew we'd even last from the moment we decided to become girlfriend and boyfriend - to say we've never fight is a lie at all cost.

But still, one thing that's true is, we've never been broken up. Ever.

I guess, for me I'm always the drama queen in the relationship, while he's always the cold one. (not even sure how I got attracted at first sheesh. But then girls always drawn to cold guys don't you think?) Having said that, I'm a drama queen in the sense that I'm insecure, I feel guilty senselessly, I overthink, I overanalyse things - but not the crier one. While he's always the sensible one; his romantic gestures are subtle but still there, he cares in his own way, he doesn't freak out, he's..cold.

So there were times when I would give up and figure for myself that I'd be better off alone, and him, too - only each time, he'd never cave in to my request(s). He'd always say that even how much I want him not by my side, or how much I want him to go, he'd never leave me alone because he knows what makes me happy.

(So overconfident, this guy.)

(Ooh and he used to use this blog to write a mushy post for me to read when I checked my blog later that day or the day after, because he's only good in words but not at confrontation. Read them in archive! HAHA.)

And each time, I'd turn soft and we make up. So, yes, that's one of the secret to having healthy relationships, to me. One of the sides should stand true to what the relationship means to them and fight if you think your relationship deserves it, because the other one might stumble and give up.

So when I've been sick lately and the husband cooks for me for the first time, I was a butter melting on the floor. Simply because he's a guy who rarely ever cooks.

Thank you for making my day a whole lot better.

And to all girls, cold guys do change after marriage..LOL.

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