Married : the ring

After the whole story on how I ended up picking the ring at Habib, so this is how the rock on my hand looks like.

Besides the whole 4Cs, carat and everything, I think the main factor that draws me into picking this ring is because of the high setting of the diamond.

For the bride-to-bes, there are several types of diamond settings you can choose. There are prong (high) setting, bezel setting, channel setting, flush setting and bar setting. (educate yourself here.)

For mine, it's a high setting diamond with small diamonds in a channel forming a row around the band. To me it's not that it's the high setting (it makes the diamond much more visible), but the design of the setting - you'll have to see it to know!

Since I don't have a close up picture of it, this shall do for now (not very visible though). Will upload if I ever found the time to snap a picture of it.

There wasn't a special story on how I ended up with the ring, I think (I even Googled about the 4Cs on the spot right in front of the sales guy LOL) it's just that, I saw the ring and I knew it was it. So go with your gut! Regardless everything, do what your heart tells you to do.

Overthinking sometimes won't do.

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