tie dye

I rarely ever wear skirts, but in Bali, if you're not in maxi dress or maxi skirts or sandals - you'd really feel out of place.

I wore jeans once when we went out to buy food, and the mat sallehs there were looking at me as if I was mad. To be honest, I felt like I was mad too - wearing jeans on a vespa ride isn't really pleasant.

So one day, after walking along the Batu Belig beach for 3 km (will blog in detail soon), we lost our slippers and dropped by a store to get new ones. That was when I found the skirt.

"Can I get this skirt? I don't have one yet"
"Do we have enough cash?" 

FYI, it was his answers to everything. 

So after calculating the rupiah we had, he agreed to let me have it.

It has a slit on each side, so walking wasn't so restricted compared to other skirts. I didn't have any tie dye items before but the color and design of the skirt are really cool - most of the items in my wardrobe are blue and soft pink anyway T.T

I doubt that I'd wear the skirt anywhere else other than beach, but at least now I have something to wear for beach holiday.

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