first swedish meatballs

Made supper for the husband one night.

After the egg on bread attempt, I wanted to try something western - meatballs (husband is contented as long as we have chicken in his meal, but I told him my meatballs taste better than chicken.) because recently I discovered this amazing meatball brand.

My colleague recommended this brand to me, saying she always prefers this whenever her husband craves for something other than rice and chicken. Tried it one day and I was sold!

Also perfect for the times when you're going home late after work and you're too lazy tired to drop by grocery store to restock your fridge. A box of these cost around RM10 for 20 pieces, and you'd just need 10 pieces per servings for 2 person - quite a bargain, don't you think?

IKEA meatballs who? Haha.

Bought the second box of these meatballs, went to pick him up after work and made this.

Doesn't look that tasty, but he's happy nonetheless.

"I thought it's going to suck..but it was goood!"

Sheesh way to motivate the wife.


  1. meatballs brand ni mmg sedap! ok now dah ada 3org kata sedap. haha.
    maybe zatil boleh try ni pulak =) (no 12 tuuuuuuuu)

    1. Omg thank you for the link! Thank God semua simple recipes, itching nak try yg 1st & 12th XD


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