Been sick since the last few days and my appetite has gone downhill.

Hubs took me to see a doctor, and I was advised to not take coffee anymore and eat more veggies.

Sigh. Never knew I would have to part with my Nescafe 3-in-1 someday.

So in a bid to eat more healthily, we chuck out the caffeine in the house (except his Nescafe pfft) and introduced this.

My SIL who's a doctor advised no-coffee for as long as it requires for my health, but says that decaf is OK. So the hubs went out one night to look for this - only to find it at the 7th store he went to. People don't really take decaf, I assume.

So far, the taste isn't so bad. Adding sugar works great to get rid of that "weird" taste. Since decaf isn't really caffeine-free (I just found out!), the coffee taste is still there but slightly different especially if you're prone to drinking coffee, you'd notice it.

So far, I'm coping well, surprisingly. Though I try not to take decaf as frequent as I used to take coffee, I tend to enjoy plain water more nowadays.

No caffeine isn't so bad.

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