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Last Friday, Shahrul came home from work and told me about the khutbah he heard during his Jumaat prayer.

It was one of those rare days when he didn't fall asleep during khutbah. (he said so)

So when he was listening, the topic is about work and rezeki.

"I got really insaf when I listened to the khutbah. The Imam said that all those times when we were browsing internet, online shopping, doing basically anything other than work; we should really think about how it affects the rezeki we made with our time at work. Imagine if you spent 4 hours of work browsing internet out of 8 hours at work, that's already half of our daily rezeki and we're basically spending it not doing work, which is what we're supposed to do. That means it could be haram, in some parts of what we earn"

To be honest, I was impressed that he actually paid attention to this topic. To me, out of guilty conscious I wouldn't have listened to anything about this topic - it's what we do in daily basis, and we're easily guilty of doing so. I would always say it's OK, I do a lot of work-related stuff at home too, so I can compensate those online shopping activity at work by that.

You could say that, but how true it is applied to your monthly salary, is something arguable.

"There are some time when we feel like our du'a is not granted by God, or we're still so hopeless even after praying to God. These are the things that might have been because of those times we were not sincere in doing our work and not really earning the rezeki we got. That's why we need to look back on what we've been doing for our job, to earn that much salary every month"

He's always been a workaholic type, but I never realize he really takes all this by heart. Alhamdulillah for the lesson! I shall be cutting down the online shopping 9GAG browsing at the office now.

After all, we have the One we need to answer to, when our time comes.

If you have time, this is the transcript of the said khutbah at Masjid Tun Abdul Aziz, PJ by Sheikh Nouman Ali Khan.


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