less than a week

Ok so I've been all over the place this past week due to Penang-KL traveling, going to see the wedding planner, settling the door gifts, sending Mum extra invitation cards she wanted, etc.

Had to take last Friday off so that I could be in Penang and back to KL today to settle some of the last-minute things.

The aftermath?

Last few months, we decided not to buy goodie bags since Mum said she we've learned our lesson not to overspend and buy so many candies and food to pack in the goodie bags cause it would be time consuming; but at the last minute i.e. yesterday she said "ooh we will have to buy some goodie bags. Cannot NOT have goodie bags. Elders prefer goodie bags"

So off I went to the store to get another hundreds of goodie bags, as per her request.

Then, last few months I told Mum that I don't want lavish cake - just a simple wedding cake would do, or I would be fine without one. She said OK, no need to spend much on the cake.

Yesterday, my sister broke the news to me "ooh Mum ordered a 3-tiered wedding cake with a candy buffet for you"


Our budget list, which we have prepared in an Excel sheet complete with items and price and payment date and all? I call BS.

Less than a week to go and I'm already going bananas.

Lesson learned : if your Mum ask about anything, note down what she agreed to so that you can show her when it's less than a week before the wedding. Too late for me, but save yourself.


  1. hai zatil, same thing happened to me on my wedding. my mom went gaga and change a lot of plans last minute! hahaha but alhamdulillah i survived my bridezilla phase >_<

    i guess all moms are like that teeeheee. wanna wish u selamat pengantin baru!!! yeayyy kawen!!

    1. Hahaha yeah moms -___-" bestnya you've survived! I can't wait to get married lol.

      Thank youuuuu Anon. Yay kawin! XD

  2. hahaha terbayang2 mak atil y comel!!!

    1. Nanti kau datang, tolong bagitau sikit anak dia ni boleh harap ok. Haha! See you soonnnn



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