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first phase of moving.

So..last weekend I just realized how my life would turn 360 degrees.

We started moving things into the new house, and it seems like a whole new world to me.

We settled on this one place after going from a place to another and started getting tired of all the viewings, but Alhamdulillah, soon after looking at this particular place, we knew that was it. It has spaces we wanted - extra small room, nice squeaky clean toilets, clean kitchen - it was all we wanted!

So after the deal was sealed, we got our keys a few weeks back and he told me to start packing my things since I have more junk. Sheesh.

To be fair, I get scared too looking at my stuff.

Half of them.

For now we're using his car to load the stuff to the new house, but I have a feeling that we might have to contact the movers soon. He cares about his car too much that I think at some point he would just dump my stuff somewhere just so they won't scratch his car.

Upon reaching the house and unloading the bags, he frowned at me and said,

"Where would all my stuff go? Your clothes are taking half the space already!"

Men can never grasp the concept of extra small room, can they?

Since this is only the first phase of moving, I have a feeling we might have some problems during the second phase.

That's when I really bring the rest of the stuff he hasn't seen yet.


  1. hahaha kasut ko da heret ke belum?
    selamat berpindah. nnt buat la housewarming nak mencemar duli :p

    1. hahah kasut dah byk let go T.T

      thank you! okay nanti aku jemput nak jumpa baby damia :)

  2. hahah the blender!

    1. yeah..I was forced to bring it to the new house T.T


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