jamming with colleagues.

I made a life-changing decision the other day.

I joined my colleagues jamming!

It's been super tense past few weeks with workloads not easing their way up on me, and besides sports, I felt like I really needed something to change. A breathe of fresh new air.

So when my colleague asked me to join them for badminton (we have an indoor court for badminton at the office) after work, I said yes. Badminton is one sport I can tolerate after all since my Dad used to take me with him for his badminton match when I was small; and I've always liked that memory. (Explains why I've always wanted to strive in this one sport even if I failed all the other ones horribly)

But later after the match, my colleagues said they were going to "jamming" and asked if I want to tag along. I've heard that our office has this jam room where most of the guys would play and hang out, but I never really thought of it as serious. Heck, I didn't even really believe it.

Until I joined them that day.

My colleagues can really play!

And I get to touch and play the electric guitar, base and drums for the first time. It was cool.

And since I couldn't really play as good as them to qualify for a jam session, they asked me to contribute one thing.

"Zatil, sing!"

So it was my first time singing in front them, too. Sang Yellow by Coldplay and it wasn't so cool for me (I'd never get used to singing in public) but they call me Zatil Bareilles after that so I guess it wasn't that awful.

Next milestone, learning how to really play guitar. Wish me luck.



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