going away gift.

So when he came back to Malaysia for good last year, I was relieved that we'll never have to do LDR again.

I was so wrong.

Once he was back, he started working at a Japanese company; a concept I can never comprehend (being an ex-Japanese company worker myself). But he's happy doing something he loves and he's used to the work culture after all; so it's all that counts. Occasionally, his job requires him to travel north and south but I can still cope knowing that when weekend comes, he'll come pick me up at my place and I get to see him again.

"My boss wants to send me to Japan for 3 weeks, is that OK for you?" he told me last few months. I bet in his mind he was thinking that I might kill his boss, so he tried to convey the message to me as clear as possible.

And with a little extra.

What he left me for the 3 weeks that he's away?

Before his flight, he gave me this paper bag containing these books; saying "now you have no excuse not to read these books".

Now, almost 2 weeks after; they're still in the paper bag.

I swear I'm trying.

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