the Japanese boy.

You know when you've been in an LDR for too long, dates during weekends for you is pretty much non-existent that you're so used to quiet Saturday in reading books when your girlfriends are too busy to hang out.

Hence why I'm pretty much still in shock of my new routine nowadays - he's started his new job in KL which means he's just a few miles away; and my weekends are not the same anymore.

We've been going out like we used to - except that now that we're adults, we drive and no longer take cabs or trains which I admit is a fact I'm still adjusting to. Took him to some hang out places I love; and I've got to admit this transition to short distance relationship is pretty awesome!

Went to IKEA the other day for our date, and he claimed it was his first taste of the famous IKEA meatballs.

So I've been calling him "Ishhh this Japanese boy.." every time he claims he didn't this or that about the places we go (I don't think he minds though). Seriously, I don't know which Malaysian still haven't heard of IKEA meatballs..

And yesterday, I took him to Pavilion for a movie and it was my turn..

There's a whole lot of section called Tokyo Street; dedicating a number of common stores/restaurants in Japan so you can get a taste of what it's like to be in Shibuya or Harajuku street. Don't know how long they've been there (could've been since forever) but I just found out that I'm such a noob also.

That's why you should never make fun of people. 

Passed by this crepe store called Shimino which practically made me turn into this little girl who's just found her candy store, because I've been looking for one ever since I came back to Malaysia for good but never found one. It was my staple food back in Hiroshima (there's this crepe stall near my house which sells awesome tuna egg crepe and banana strawberry crepe) that just the smell of the crepe made my heart flutters.

Gosh, I miss Hiroshima days.

I had this roast beef crepe which turned out to be awful (beef should never be in a crepe!), while he had banana strawberry crepe which was so awesome I wanted to cry when he finished the whole thing. There's a stall selling takoyaki and he knew it's my longtime favorite food.

"So do you want to have takoyaki?"
"No, I think the crepe is enough"
"Thank God, I can't take another takoyaki anymore"

Just realized we've been having takoyaki a lot since he came back for good. Oops.

(Tokyo Street is located at Level 6 Pavilion, near GSC. Go here for the list of stores)

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