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There were a lot of times when I wonder if a lot of my Mum's wonderful traits are descended to me, praying to God that I'd be half a woman that she is.

Well, now there is one I sure hope God would decide I'd be better off.. (among the many quality ones I know)

This past weekend Mum came to KL to have our little family getaway; so my sister and brother in law took us to Genting and around KL since it's been quite few years since the last time we were there as a whole family.

We brought her to best places to eat, best places to hang, to shop..basically everywhere we got tired of to go and just for the sake of bringing her around, we made ourselves go. And each time, I noticed that she kept looking at her smartphone (yes, she got one for her birthday - I'm going to have a talk with my sister about this) frantically typing and clicking away.

All the while I thought awww, she must be missing and texting the uncles and aunties back home to tell them where she's going, etc.

Until I saw this on my feed.

My sister and I looked at each other, almost had a heart attack.

Oh my will never ever occurred to me that her social network addiction would be this far. She would check-in everywhere we go because basically "why would she text her siblings to update them anything when they could check out her FB feed to know where she goes".. I mean seriously, she actually thought she was doing them a favor by updating them where she goes (even though her intention was good)

So after that, I was plotting plans on how to steal her phone away, but it always failed cause she has it with her all. Freaking. Time. Ever since that moment, I avoided looking at my FB feed so that I'd be spared of the updates Mum has kindly given all her friends on FB.

I know that parents can be annoying on social network, but Mum has single-handedly raised it to another level.


  1. LOLOLOLLLOL. comelnya mak zatil. serious.

    tapi bahaya share info mcm ni cz she lives alone dkt penang kan? bila dah addicted, pegi mana2 pon check in, takut ada org2 yg take advantage utk buat benda2 tak baik. even if org2 tu kita kenal bukannya strangers. cz we never know. kat msia and mana2 tpt pon mmg byk crimes involve org yg kita kenal. plus, if mak zatil ada ter approve strangers di fb.

    risau sbb pikir dia sorg di penang. if tak sorg pon, still...

    1. I KNOW RIGHT! Dah banyak kali remind her on this -_____-"

      Tapi thank God dekat Penang, she hardly do this - just bila jalan2 for holiday, apparently so that dia tak pyh whatsapp my aunties/uncles. So far dia tak banyak check-in sgt in Penang, tapi yes I agree bahaya for her especially bila pergi anywhere sorg kan. Will keep that in mind.

      Thanks for your comment :)


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