the little space.

My room is a bit neater now.

Got a new mirror with accessories drawers where I can dump just about everything inside.

No more makeup and bracelets scattering around the room!

Eye shadows

 Wrap bracelets


Bangles 2

It reminded me of my old room back in Hiroshima where my sanctuary was. A nice small apartment, with a small enough kitchen and a big closet (seriously) and an interesting wallpaper with all the right furnitures I had around the apartment; albeit small.

But in Japan, it was easier because you can find all things convenient for your living - I can spend the whole day at 100 yen shop or Village Vanguard just to get things I don't really need but when used, it makes life even happier. It's like a coin sorter - you know you don't need it but when used (correctly), your life is a lot more organized.

Knowing that this would be my last single room before getting married, I figured I'd better make full use of it don't you think?

So determined to make this my second sanctuary.

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