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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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so I have a fiancé now..

Our engagement ceremony was yesterday on Merdeka Day, and it went well Alhamdulillah!!

I know..been keeping it low before and now that it's official, I couldn't be happier.

It was "finalized" during my trip to Japan last March with Mum, when we were having lunch in Tokyo and he dropped the I-want-to-ask-for-your-daughter's-hand-in-marriage thing to Mum. I was like, ok this guy is so not subtle..pfft. Mum, of course, was ecstatic while giving him a speech and I was munching away nodding religiously.

We've had an awesome journey together for 8 years now, and God only knows how much I'm in love with this guy. (pretty much made it obvious in previous posts, haven't I. Sigh.) He's been an exceptionally wonderful other half to me, he's seen me at my worst and best and still stays, he is the most patient guy I know and the one I trust will guide me to a better path. But most of all, his relationship with his family, nieces and nephews really amazed me and from that moment I know this is a good man I'm marrying.

Still can't believe I'm getting married soon.


  1. congrats darling! me too 8 years!! when is the big day atil? this year? -ida-

  2. congratulations zatil!

    can't wait for your posts on wedding preparations! keep us updated pls?

    1. Thank youu!! InsyaAllah will do, bridezilla in the making haha :/

  3. Congrats Zatil! Btw he only has one nephew so far, the rest are nieces ;-)

    1. No wonder lah rasa mcm tersedak aje, rupanya my name ya kena sebut? Is it really attention to me? Takut i terperasan lah pulak hahha....nway sapa tu yg tulis, i baru je bukak lappy ni wanted to check ur blog if ada latest photos...mmmm...entah abg long or someone else kot?

      Nway, yes, CONGRATS dear...hopefully all well till akad..and more years to come...ameen :-)

      Luv, Kak Ella

    2. Ooh hahaha I thought it was you!! -___-" hehe. InsyaAllah aminn, thank you Kak Ella :)

  4. congrats kak atil.. dh jadi tunangan org.. :)
    moga hubungan berpanjangan smpai diijabkabul nnti..

  5. zatil congrats! post la byk gambar lg. nak tgk. selama ni mmg dah enjoy looking at your pics, now dah ada special event mcm ni you should post them more. i want moaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr hahhaha

    1. Aww thank youuu <3 haha I would but all I have now is pictures from my phoneee hehe. Will do soon insyaAllah! :)


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