back to the real world.

So I had a nice short break on Merdeka Day (despite getting sick - yes, I was down with fever and runny nose ON my engagement day. God is funny huh?! Was so worried that I might stain my future MIL's hand with my nasal mucus. Don't worry it didn't happen.) and as soon as I was back in Bangi, work was piling up like no other.

Who bloody says our employees kerja goyang kaki, I wanna know. Here I am, in my apartment room, on my bed, with 1 laptop open for reports and 1 for my favorite sitcom with a notebook in hand.

But one thing was, I kept telling myself to get familiarize with my new title. The colleagues keep scolding me for 'downgrading' it and apparently 'I should embrace my engagement-hood' hahaha!

Me : Ooh your open house this weekend? Yeah insyaAllah I'll come with my boyfriend.
Colleague : Who are you calling your boyfriend? Fiancé LAH!


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