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Rest in Peace

I don't really like being reminded of sad experience, but ones that make you realize and reassess the value of life stuck with me for quite some time.

My friend's akad nikah was last weekend, and something happened that changed our lives forever.

Friday, 16th August

Her akad nikah was scheduled after Asar, so we (the bridesmaids) were rustling in her's and her sister's room getting ready. She was having her makeup done in her room. I was putting on my scarf, the other bridesmaids were doing their scarves as well while some were already ready.

So the bride asked some of the girls to call her photographer to check on her as Asar is approaching and we have to make way to the masjid soon for the akad. So the girls did, but no one answered.

Then, a few minutes later, someone called from the photographer's phone. My friend, the one whose task was to call the photographer before answered.

"Please tell this phone owner's relatives that she's been involved in a car accident and is badly injured"

My friend was devastated. She quickly informed us and we were contemplating telling the bride as she's had much more in her hands - getting ready for the ceremony and all; but we did anyhow as it is important. So the girls called the photographer's fiance and family to relay the message.

"I hope she's fine..hope she's not badly injured"

We were worried about the photographer upon hearing the news, but thank God some of the girls knew other photographers who were available to cover for the evening. So we made our way to the masjid after Asar, continued with the ceremony which went so well and had a great time.

Then Maghrib came and we went to perform solat inside the praying area. By the time we got out to the hall area, I saw my friend (the bride) were talking with her new husband and some of the girls. It looked like a serious conversation, so I asked them what happened.

The photographer had just passed away from the accident. She was Nadia Zahari.

I didn't know who she was, but for the rest of the evening, it was obvious that we were deeply affected by the incident. The bride of course was crying as she knew arwah before; and the fact that arwah passed away on her way to do her event's photoshoot didn't help. Us, the bridesmaids, spent most of the time when we were not needed for the event in the guest room comforting each other. We didn't even know arwah but it affected us somehow - it was a weird feeling.

I never want to ever feel like that, ever again. I was thinking about her family, her fiancé, her photographer friends mostly - some of the photographers who covered for her that night are her friends too, and they were crying when they found out about it. I was thinking about how her fiance had prepared for their upcoming wedding and how proud her family was of their daughter who was about to graduate.

I can only imagine what they're feeling. Then again, only those who've lost their loved ones would understand.

The reason I'm writing it here is because of this :

So if you have any information related to this, please contact the numbers above and help the family. It makes me realize how we can never know what's going to happen next - you can only plan, but it's all in Allah's hands. How short life can be and how we're always taking it for granted. How unprepared we are when we have all these time to improve for the better, for a better servant to Allah before it was too late.

That night, all of us were so worried about driving back home. Some girls came with their other half, but some came alone so we were so worried about each other's safety - driving has never been so terrifying, after hearing what happened to arwah.

As far as I know, arwah was loved by many and her loss was devastating. For me, I can only pray that she will rest in peace surrounded with Allah's greatness and given His blessings and forgiveness.

May Allah help her loved ones to go through this difficult time. Al-Fatihah.


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