spouse qualification.

I have this annual assessment thing (yes, all staff have to go through this every year. I didn't sign up for this!) tomorrow, so these two days have been spent in my comfy room with documents scattering around on my bed. 

Not that it's my choice not to go out, though, cause he's been all "what are you doing online? Go study!" or "stop playing Candy Crush" non-stop. Who says girlfriends are the nagging one?? Pfft.

Anyway, one of the major baseline I have to go through is on technology qualification because for research & development, this thing is crucial.

There a few stages for a certain technology to be assessed and qualified :

  1. Unproven concept; where the maturity of the technology is green and all there is is purely R&D. When you set your eye on something, you have to make sure whether the patent of the concept belongs to anyone, or if it's applied already, etc. And also investigation on the background.
  2. Proven concept; where the "interested" technology is approached and has to be modeled using a certain method to get the basic "formula". Basically to check and see whether the model is successful or not by understanding the whole concept.
  3. Validated concept; where all the concrete data is taken into account instead of purely hypothesis. Basic components of the concept are analysed using the concrete data if they're true and complement each other or not.
  4. Prototype tested; where the technology concept is applied in a relevant environment as a "first try" to see whether it can be applied and if it's compatible with environment to be applied to.
  5. Field proven; where the actual technology proven through successful field operations.

Of course, there's also the techno-economics evaluation to see whether the whole concept is economical to be used; how much it would cost and comparison with other similarly potential technologies.

To me, it's all almost like marriage. Do your research whether he's eligible or not, go through the getting-to-know each other phase, test whether you are compatible, and finally decide whether he's right.

 Proof that this thing is never easy.

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