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So I got a new microwave oven last few weeks upon returning from Japan, which I'm still wondering what my motivation was. Found myself eye-ing several microwaves from different brands sometime ago but couldn't really bring myself to actually buy one, since I don't really trust my judgement when it comes to kitchen supplies. (i.e. do you know microwave and microwave oven are two different things and function?!)

So when Mum was in town, I got to bring her around and let her pick one for me. I wanted one that's convenient enough for my tight schedule (reheating food, ahem) but not so useless that I can't do anything with it!

Settled with one that suits my budget. Whatsapp-ed him the picture with a caption "this is what your kitchen microwave would look like in the future" just to freak him out a bit.

  "Frozen ready meals" YESS.

So last few days had been microwave-recipe research activity for me, as I'd like to call it. Googled some recipes with chicken (it can't be only roasted chicken, now would it?) and turns out so many things can be done (and eat) by just using this magic equipment.

For instance..I tried some.

  It's supposed to be honey roasted chicken, but I've cut the chicken open so this is how it looks like. The picture just doesn't do it justice ok?!

 Chicken and tomato topped potatoes. Got the recipe from here, altered a bit since I don't have sour cream. Tasted good enough nonetheless!

Now I'm still experimenting with some other microwave-friendly recipes I can find on net, but one of my colleagues advised that it's not really good to cook using microwave. Is it true? Because I thought eliminating cooking oil means healthier food :/

Maybe I should just use the "frozen ready meals" function.


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