making mum's curry.

So it took me a month to actually start cooking Malaysian dish, I don't know why. It surprised me to think I could survive 4 weeks with Dutch cheese and croissants, kebabs, shoarma, Indonesian nasi goreng and tandoori!

Decided that this weekend, is all about me and laptop. And ice cream.

And Mum's chicken curry.

Ok so I skipped a lot before coming to this picture. Fry some onions and garlic and herbs with oil (used olive oil this time cause it's only one I found here. And I wouldn't recommend adding so much oil as per this picture unless you're using olive oil. Or maybe it's my guilt conscious talking.), wait a while till you smell something funny, add curry paste i.e. curry powder with hot water, wait a while, add santan, wait some more, add chicken.

I remember back in Japan, chicken curry was my ultimate favorite cause it reminded me of home and Mum's kitchen.

Some peek in my kitchen - managed to accumulate these stuff in the pace of a month that I've been here. I think that's the reason it took so long for me to actually cook something; finding these stuff in a foreign place is a difficult task.

And it is still my comfort food; even after years. Had this with fried egg and kicap manis - best dish ever!


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