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Amsterdam #2.

Last week, a cousin of a friend came here on a business trip (though she's luckier than me, she was here for 2 weeks. ONLY. You see, there's a difference between being on trips like this shorter and longer; too short and you got no time to go sight-seeing, too long and you'd end up like me.)

Never thought I'd be playing a tourist guide here in Amsterdam.

Arrived in the city quite early and decided to go on Hop On Hop Off bus!

Our map.

Since it was her first time and we only have that one day to go around Amsterdam, hopping on this bus is the best deal cause it basically takes you to all must-visit places in the city. You don't have to be worried on figuring trams or routes whatsoever - buy the ticket and you can hop on/off whenever you want!

And me, being the amateur tourist guide (and worst ever, really) finds this concept brilliant. I mean, I didn't want my first guest to be lost on her first time in Amsterdam, now do I?

In the bus

We hopped off at Muntplein cause Kak Ninie wanted to go to the Flower Market, so we had brunch here.

Wanted to buy the bf this but he might won't wear it.

Old Post Office building.

We walked past a few blocks to get to here. The Fatih mosque in Amsterdam!

The interior looks a lot like a church because it was a church; until an Islamic society in Amsterdam bought the building and turned it into a mosque.

I was so excited when I found out Anne Frank house was near the mosque, so we walked there only to find a long line waiting to get into the historic house. Sobs. There's no way I'd wait hours to get into the place, so we just took some pictures and left.

Anne Frank statue

We found this at almost all shop counters.

Wanted to go in but there's no time. Definitely will be coming back.

Finally seeing a windmill in the city!

And our last stop, Hard Rock Cafe. I had a crush on the salesgirls; they were so chic and rock & roll. One of them can speak Malay cause her dad's an Indonesian, mum is Dutch, so you can imagine how exotically pretty she is.

There are still so many places we missed; it's just impossible to go to all nice places in Amsterdam in one day! I vowed to go visit the city again on my own sometime but am really not sure on the safety of going alone.

But Red Light District is definitely off-limits since I'm alone. Sheesh.


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