the raya parcel.

I officially broke my own tradition; blowing my own surprise. (not that I'm an expert anyway; judging from previous experience.)

He's not coming home for Raya this year, cause he has to work and saving up his annual leave. (Yes, he's one of the employee of the year) So after a few hints dropped from his side (LOL we're becoming one of those couples who aren't big on subtle) I decided to surprise him with Raya parcel this year!

Thing is, I just couldn't keep it a secret anymore cause I'm so worried he didn't get it; so I told him. Even asked him which kuih raya he wants LOL.

 Condensed milk (cause he can't live without it in his Milo, Neslo, Nescafe, everything), Maggi perencah for rendang and sambal tumis (for Raya), almond london (for Raya)

 A bunch of instant Neslo and Kopi O (for daily consume) and pineapple tart (for Raya)

 A little note featuring Kate Moss.

I didn't have a piece of paper to write, so I just used a torn page from one of the magazines lying around in my room. Though I know he'd appreciate the Kate Moss picture more than the note.

I am no relationship expert, but this whole long distance relationship thing really taught me a lot. It was different back then; we were a bunch of kids who thinks the world is ours. I've learned to be grateful with what I have now and not taking it for granted. I've learned that blessings come in a lot of ways. I've learned that I have this rock-hard side of me who can turn things around in a split second; and this soft side who'd remind me of everything good.

And I've learned that not everyone's perfect. All you've got to do now is learn and live.



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