the end of an era.

My long-lost bestfriend came back for Raya!!

OMG, it's been so long since I last saw her. She got married after we graduated last year and been working in Japan with her husband ever since (yes, they're the power couple - both working with Japanese companies in Japan, which concept I still find hard to comprehend) and Jua and me working in Malaysia so this is the first time the three of us got together ever since..AAJ years. That's like, 5 years.

I swear I almost cried. But decided not to cause these two would tease me to no end on that. Pfft.

Anyway, we met up after berbuka at 11 pm AT NIGHT - it was the first time I went out at midnight, by myself! Mum wouldn't like that, even the boyfriend was calling every one hour - not funny. Regardless the fact that the place is 7 minutes from my house.

I feel like such a grown up already.

So I came home after work, got showered, prepared for berbuka, solat, went out again. Things I do for these girls.

Jua & Jannah



I wouldn't camwhore this much unless with these two.

I was so sad leaving AAJ for Japan 4 years ago cause it means the end of an era; but that night I felt a new kind of sad. It really hit me that we're all different now; we have commitments and it won't make it any easier for us to be the young and carefree girls again.

I foresee in future, dragging all our husbands to accompany us meeting up at McDonalds and ask them to be at another table, while us girls gossipping. Haha.

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