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Syena & KN's special day.

Congratulations best friend! Now that I finally get to sit in front of my laptop and get around with blogging (not so much lately, I know. Sobs.) I thought I'd gather some force in my shoulder's or arm joint to post this.

Yes, I was the bridesmaid. The bride texted me early in the morning of the wedding day to ask cause she didn't plan to have one - so yours truly had to jump in. I feel so special. Haha.

But it went smooth, Alhamdulillah :) I have zero clue on what to do (my second sister was the bridesmaid when my eldest sister got married last few years) and I've comfortably been in the back seat on events like these, all these while. Wasn't even sure if I held the yellow umbrella right.

Nevertheless, it's the thought that counts!

 See, I love her too much.

Looking at this photo, I think I had the same grin like when my sister got married.

To you both, I wish you a lifetime of happiness. And thank you for everything!! For making me part of your special day, too. *wipes tears*


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