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Penang night out.

After the wedding, some of the girls who came decided to meet up that night for some Penang treat.

Yeah, we had to entertain them cause apparently we're the tuan rumah. So Syena, as the leader of the Penang clan took us to Gurney Drive which famous for the super authentic Penang food.

 (source : Google)

Even I have never been there. And I've got free lecture from her that night.



But the food there were superb. I've never seen so many pasembor and sotong kering and char koay teow stalls all at one place. Apparently it's a must-go place in Penang, so I can't help but feel a bit ashamed for not knowing about the existence of the place.

 The newlyweds :) Me so jealous.

It was great, hanging out with this crowd till midnight just chatting and catching up with gossips while chomping off pasembor. It's definitely not my scene to be out till late, but this time, it feels like a breath of fresh air. 

Even Mum who would always check in whenever I was out, didn't call or text me at all. I was getting worried, so I asked her.

"Because I know you're with Syena. And both of you together can scare those burglars away."

Whatever that means.

"But don't expect this to be a routine in the future."

Sheeshh I so can't wait to get married.

(picture credits to Fatang)


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