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french headbands : tand3m

If there's one website in French and I don't mind not understanding one word of it, it's this website.

And if there's one thing in the world I really really really want to do, but I can't, it's buying hugeloads of headbands.

(source :, one of the models who's also a fashion blogger and French too. I don't get a word in her website, but I can't tear my eyes from looking at her pictures)

It's this French headband line called Tand3m, and apparently everything in their website is drop dead gorgeous I could cry.

I vowed to myself not to ever wear headband on top of my scarf as I tend to cringe whenever I see people do so, thus buying AzuraAzwa isn't justified in my universe. But this Tand3m makes me re-evaluating my own principle.

God, give me strength.

Reminded me of AzuraAzwa so much.

Nevermind, my husband would be so lucky cause when I buy all the headbands he'll be the only one who could see me wear them.

Or maybe I could change my philosophy. One day.


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